Monday, July 14, 2008

Instructor Stanley Plumly Reviewed in The New Yorker

Stanley Plumly, who teaches the poetry master class here at the Center, published a new book in May: Posthumous Keats. It was recently reviewed in the New Yorker. Check it out.

Yesterday's meet and greet the new director went really well. There was a terrific turnout (and we'll have pictures of the event on this blog and on our companion Facebook page pretty soon).

I want to turn now to one of the blogs in the lower right corner of the screen: This will be the first of a series of posts (not daily) in which I briefly highlight one of the local blogs we have listed.

Vrzhu (pronounced vee-shu) is a local poetry press who's doing some great work. I met them this year at the Writer's Center's small press fair. They have two new books coming out, one by Hiram Larew and the other by Kim Roberts.

On the blog you can find interesting links to poets and presses and other blogs that may be of interest, including many who've read recently at The Writer's Center. If you're interested in poetry and the local scene, this is a great blog to keep an eye on.

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