Tuesday, August 19, 2008

As the Summer Winds Down: A Special Tribute

First, I want to start off by referring back to our earlier Name that Caption contest post. Remember that one? Well, after a couple weeks we now have a winner. That winner, it turns out, didn't have a lot of competition (but that just makes judging easier!)

Drumroll please. And the winner is...a foregone conclusion: It's Serena with "The Great Hamburger Parachute Race." Congratulations, Serena. I hope you're reading this now!

Now, on to other matters....

As the summer winds down, we've definitely got to pay a big tribute to our fabulous group of interns and one full-time part-time staff member (who're now leaving us or have already left us). Each of them have helped give your Writer's Center a tremendous lift.

A big thank you goes out to...

Carrie. Some of you may have noticed how organized the Center's used book rooms are now. This is due 1000% to the hard work of Carrie. Working diligently every day, Carrie went to town on those books. If Carrie were on a reality TV show that pit her against a big mess, I'd put my money on Carrie to clean it up!

Elyse. Elyse was the publishing/communications intern par excellance (you may have read her blog post yesterday featuring instructor Sarah Blake). She did a lot for us here at the Center--and I mean a lot, especially in this office--and everything she did she did like a pro. You'll be missed!

Janel. At the risk of sounding redundant, I'm going to say that what Janel has done--and continues to do--for the Center is irreplaceable. Somehow, she manages to swerve between me and Sunil and understand what we're talking about. Not an easy task, that. Happily, Janel is NOT done here at the Center. An American U grad student, Janel has accepted a part-time position on staff. Yay!

Gonzalo. Gonzalo wasn't here every day, but his presence was a big plus. From delivering brochures to gathering data online, Gonzalo was a rock. But check this out: After leaving us, Gonzalo will be heading to Europe in the employ of Francis Ford Coppola. He'll be tasting wines and writing about them for some wine magazine. That's some kind of post-college dream job, eh?

Alexis. I most certainly didn't forget you (you thought I did, huh?). Well, Alexis was employed at the Center for a couple years, starting as an intern. But she stayed and we're glad she did. She was Sunil's assistant in programs and she did an awesome job. Now she's out in Columbia, MO starting her Ph.D program at U of Mizzou.

Thanks for a great summer everyone! Keep us posted!


Serena said...

I am flattered to be the only contest entrant and the winner. What an accomplishment! LOL

Thanks to all the writer's center staff who are moving on to other things.

Serena said...

Also, you may want to add the following literary blog to your list. Anna Horner's Diary of an Eccentric at http://diaryofaneccentric.blogspot.com

She reviews books and interviews authors as well.

lex said...

Yes, I DID think you had forgotten me. Where are the pics you promised to post?

Things at Mizzou (It's either U of Missouri or Mizzou, not U of Mizzou. That's redundant!) are going well. Finishing up my instructor orientation and putting the final touches on my syllabus. I encounter my first group of freshmen Monday morning at 8 am and then again at 9 and then get slammed with Latin.

Wish me luck!