Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Week (Where Does the Time Go?)

So as we glide toward the Thanksgiving holiday and a mild reprieve from work, I'd like to share some small bits of information. First, tomorrow's guest blogger will be C.M. Mayo. She will share three of her most frequently asked questions about writing and the business of writing. It's always a treat when C.M shares what she knows. On Thursday, Carollyne Hutter returns with a post about the new movie Twilight. Her last post generated some good feedback. Those of you out there who're interested in YA lit should know this: I hear you. I'll look for some cool ways to bring more YA lit discussions to this blog.

ONE way is to share Gottawritegirl's excellent post today about the Susan Shreve and Tim Seldes event at the Center this fall. As you know, Susan is a wonderful YA writer (having written many YA titles). So head on over to that blog (when you're done here!) and read all about it.

The Center hosted Eric Pankey and Brian Brodeur over the weekend. Kiley Cogis was kind enough to share these two photos from the event. We had a good turnout and an equally good time hearing these two poets read from their work. If you didn't get the chance to read his excellent post on what it was like to win the Akron Prize, you can do so here.

As an FYI item, from December 1st to December 31st The Writer's Center will have an ad in Metro buses in northern VA, NW DC, and Montgomery County. Those of you who ride the bus should have a look for them--and take a picture. You could win something! The ads will be placed right behind the bus driver, so you can't miss them. Anyone who sends us a picture of the ad--either electronically or in person--will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE multi-session workshop of his or her choice.

And finally, The Center is closing on Wednesday at 2:30 and it'll reopen on Tuesday of next week.


Gottawrite Girl said...

Hey there, Kyle, and thanks for linking over! I think your readers will enjoy... another wonderful event at the Writer's Center!

Serena said...

What a fantastic idea for getting the Writer's Center name out there.

Have a great holiday.