Monday, December 22, 2008

What We Mean When We Say What

The title of this post means nothing, that's what. What I mean to say is Happy Holidays, but that's a lame title for a post, isn't it? I kind of like the sound of the words. It reminds me of a great song ("What is not but could be if") by a terrific band (whose new album I got for my birthday recently), The Silver Jews.

Today's brief post is really only to say that First Person Plural will be taking a slight break over the holidays. That means nothing will be posted on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. But there is plenty happening in the local blogosphere. C.M. Mayo has posted her "top ten books read in 2008" over at Madam Mayo. I've not read any of them but they're worth noting next time i'm looking for a book to read. Leslie Pietrzyk at Work-in-Progress has some things to say about the inauguration poet Elizabeth Alexander. Serena Agusto-Cox writes at Savvy Verse & Wit, and she's doing great work supporting authors there. Susan Gray at Gottawrite Girl has a great blog. So too does Art Taylor at Art & Literture (an interview with me appeared yesterday). Oh, and Jeannie at Rat Manor makes great drawings that are worth a long look.

On the right side of my page is a link to This site provides a listing of area blogs in many different categories, from sports to literature. It's definitely worth checking out. You can really get a good feel for just how many great blogs this area has to offer.

Though I won't be posting much this week--my wife and I are driving back to snowy cold Rochester, NY (yay for snow!)--I'll be active next week. See you then!



Serena said...

Happy Holidays to all of you at the center...just one minor gripe...

This is how to spell my last name: Agusto-Cox

If you could fix it, I would appreciate it.

Kyle said...

Sorry about that, Serena! I'll fix it now.