Friday, March 27, 2009

The Writer's Center's New Lit Journal Discount Program

I'm pleased to give you this special Saturday post (which I'm writing at 5:35 on Friday.)

Below is what I promised to write. News about our exciting new program for WC members. In the coming weeks, on this blog, I will discuss individually each journal. I will interview editors and, I hope, authors who've appeared in the pages of these journals. But first things first. Here's the deal:


For the past 33 years, The Writer’s Center has offered more than 300 writing workshops annually across a wide spectrum of genres, and each year we host more than 50 public events. The core of our mission: to promote the literary arts and those who champion writing and reading.

In our bookstore, we sell one of the largest selections of literary journals (in a non-academic setting) in the mid-Atlantic region. We believe this collection is a vital part of our community. Because we’re an organization dedicated to the craft of writing, and because some of the most compelling literary work today is emerging in lit journals—where many of our instructors and staff first published their work (and continue to do so)—we encourage our more than 2,000 members and workshop participants to read and subscribe to these journals.

The Writer’s Center hopes to continually expand its membership benefits. As part of these expansion efforts, we approached 7 leading literary journals and formed a partnership with them. The result is an additional benefit for you, our members: a 40% discount on one and two year subscriptions.

For writers, it’s important to know intimately what each journal you send your stories, poems, or essays to wants in a submission. You greatly improve your chances of acceptance if you’re aware of a journal’s editorial style, and what it regularly publishes. And the only way to know if your work fits in a particular journal is to read that journal, and then to develop a relationship with that journal—to love it and eagerly await its arrival each issue.

Now, with the Writer’s Center Literary Discount Program, you can choose any of the leading journals below and get a drastic discount on journals sent directly to your home. Subscription forms are available at The Writer’s Center. Click on the links to go directly to each journal.

Enjoy your weekend. Go Syracuse!







(Note: With Subtropics we're still determining payment method.)


If you have any questions about this program, please contact me, Kyle Semmel, at

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Serena said...

What a great added benefit...and with journals I don't currently subscribe to. I'll have to check this out more in depth when the finances perk up.