Friday, April 10, 2009

National Poetry Month Interviews

I've been preparing a lot of interview questions of late.

For the rest of this month, this blog will feature local poets in "mini-interviews" about their work and the craft of writing poetry. This is, after all, National Poetry Month. So look for interviews with a bunch of poets, including Brian Brodeur, Charlie Jensen, Bernadette Geyer, David Keplinger (who'll be reading at The Writer's Center on Saturday, April 18 with Michael Collier), E. Ethelbert Miller, Reb Livingston and many more. We're still lining up interview subjects.

Also, on Wednesday I'll have a special interview post with a musician who knows the history of music here in DC and at The Writer's Center in particular. That'll be part I of a II-part interview.

During the first week in May we'll have our first ever Member Week on the blog. I'm busy collecting submissions for that right now. We've got enough for one week, but if I get any more (hint, hint) then I'll extend that to two weeks (or longer). Contact me by posting a comment on this blog.

For those of you interested in checking out a completely unrelated interview of mine, visit Art & Literature today (all weekend) for my interview with sportswriter and author Brett Friedlander, who co-wrote Chasing Moonlight. Chasing Moonlight is the untold story of Moonlight Graham, the baseball player who in 1906 got one stinky whiff of the Big Leagues when John McGraw of the New York Giants put him in a game. He never batted, and he would never return to the majors. Later he was immortalized in W.P. Kinsella's novel Shoeless Joe (which was then turned into the film Field of Dreams).

I guess that's it for now. Please look for all the interviews in the coming weeks.

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Serena said...

I;m looking forward to the interviews. I interviewed Bernadette Geyer earlier this year; check it out if you like:

Ok, tell me more about Member Week.