Monday, September 7, 2009

An Interview with Marita Golden

On September 15th, author Marita Golden will present a lecture "A Black Woman in Isreal: My Own Piece of the Middle East" at the Martin Luther King Memorial Library, downtown Washington D.C at 6:30pm.

This short interview between author Marita Golden and Abdul Ali took place recently via e-mail.

What were your encounters with Israel before this trip?
I had no encounters with Israel before this trip.

What "piece" of Israel did you take way on your recent trip?

Well, I feel that in some ways I went to Israel as a Palestinian and returned as a Palestinian and a Jew, in that, I met so many Israelis from whom I learned of the diverstiy of opinion about the conflict and was able to make a human connection with Israelis and Israeli writers that transcended differences about the conflict.

What was the reception of authors James Baldwin, Ntozake Shange, and Lorraine Hansberry?

In American Studies classes, their students were reading Shange and Hansberry and found their themes universal, enriching, and relevant to their lives.

Do you plan to expand your lecture about this trip into a longer work?

No I have no plans to develop the lecture into anything longer.

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