Monday, December 7, 2009

Seal Woman Sold to Schocken--and a call for FPP submissions

A brief post today. First a congratulations is due to workshop leader Solveig Eggerz (previously interviewed on this blog). Her first novel, Seal Woman, has been sold to Shocken Publishing House in Israel. The book will soon be translated into Hebrew. Those of you who subscribe to World Literature Today will find a positively glowing review of her novel in the most recent issue.

In other Seal Woman news, it has been chosen by the American Association of University Women as a book club pick for the month of January.

Now, a call for submissions:

Are you a member of The Writer's Center? Would you like to write a first person account of your experiences at The Writer's Center? Could be one workshop in one quarter, or multiple workshops over many years. Could be just about anything TWC related. During the month of January, I'd like to publish nothing but Writer's Center member accounts of their experiences here. Every day. All month.

If you're interested, all you'd have to do is write about 4-500 words and submit the piece to me, Kyle Semmel, by January 1st. I'm available to answer any questions you may have as well.

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