Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Member News

First off, thanks to our great new receptionist Zachary Fernebok for putting together this new First Person Plural layout. What do you think? The design across the banner is by another great new staff member, publications & communications coordinator Maureen Punte. Incidentally, it's been such a busy day that we've not yet completed the overhaul. That white space up above will soon be fixed.

Note a couple of new blogs FPP is following. The Real Writer and Embarking on a Course of Study.

Second, Story/Stereo tonight. One small adjustment to the schedule. Andrew Beierle will read instead of Steve Fellner (who is ill). J. Robbins and Marianne Villanueva will join him, as scheduled. 8p.m. And it's free!

The new Web site is looking really good (and I mean We saw the initial designs yesterday and we're all super excited. More on that later.

News flashes: I'd just like to point out this Newshour interview with Writer's Center member James McGrath Morris, author of the new biography Pulitzer: a Life in Politics, Print, and Power.

And check out these great events going on at the Southeast Neighborhood Library in DC all this month--in honor of Black History Month. Tonight, for example, is an Open Mic.

Have a great weekend!

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