Monday, March 22, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

After a busy (but exciting) weekend featuring 4 major events at The Writer's Center--Story/Stereo, Writing the Future, the Open House, and birthday reading with Carolyn Forche and Pagan Kennedy--today is a day of rest. No book review today.

Thanks to everyone for coming out over the weekend. If you'd like to read about Writing the Future from local blogger extraordinaire over at Savvy Verse & Wit, click here. Later this week, we hope to have images/video from the events up on the blog.

But! Even though we're resting today, in my ideal world First Person Plural never stops. So a quick post with some information you might enjoy. First, Writer's Center director Charles Jensen will be reading with No Tell Books' publisher Reb Livingston at Gallery Neptune on March 27th. It's art, Jazz, and spontaneous poetry, and it should be a good time. Read more about that here.

Then, apropos of last weekend's Writing the Future conference, here's an interesting article in Sunday's Book World by Stephen Lowman on the future of children's books. Someone in one of the sessions asked about this very topic at Writing the Future. Whether you're writing children's lit or not, this is worth a long look.

One last thing relating to Book World, Jonathan Yardley wrote a very nice review of Thomas Kennedy's newly released (in the U.S) novel In the Company of Angels. Kennedy, a fellow Danish translator whom I admire a great deal (though I have never met him personally), has written a lot of books--as Yardley points out. He's a little under the radar over here (he lives in Copenhagen). But check out the review. Then check out the book. He'll be reading at Politics & Prose in April. In a cruel twist of fate, I will be at the AWP conference in Denver when he's reading there, so I won't even be able to see it.

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