Friday, April 23, 2010

LitArtlantic: A Three-Day Arts Extravaganza, May 20-22

Over the past couple months I've talked a little about LitArtlantic. I've thrown the word around here and there, and maybe you wondered what it's all about. So just what is LitArtlantic? It's a three-day arts extravaganza AT The Writer's Center, and it's FREE (though a $5 donation is suggested per family per day of attendance). The festival kicks off on May 20 with The Writer's Center's own Story/Stereo event and ends Saturday, May 22 at 4:00 p.m. In between you'll find some seriously great stuff. Our co-sponsors (see list below) have been instrumental in bringing in great artists and perfomers for each session. Read on!

photo below: Margot MacDonald

Credit: Veronika Lukasova
The Writer’s Center and five leading local arts organizations are pleased to announce the creation of LitArtlantic, a multi-day, multi-discipline festival loosely organized around the four main “storytelling” arts: literature, songwriting, theatre, and film. Headliners include 9:30 Club founder Bill Warrell (featured this week in Washington Post Magazine), producer Askia Muhammad, documentary filmmakers David A. Taylor, Adele Schmidt, and José Zegarra Holder, and musicians/performers Christylez Bacon and Margot MacDonald. And many more.

(Note: During the next few weeks I'll highlight, here at First Person Plural, these and others who'll be part of LitArtlantic. We have a LitArtlantic Fan Page on Facebook, of course, which is just getting started. To get updates on the event or to just get involved in the talk, please click here and "like" it. And, as always, feel free to spread this around!)

Growing out of The Writer’s Center’s former “small press fair,” LitArtlantic now features—over three consecutive days—readings, concerts, workshops, panels, screenings, and performances, as well as The Hive @LitArtlantic, a resource fair attended by local and regional organizations whose work supports artists and the art of storytelling: small presses, record labels, funding organizations, and arts education organizations. Organizations already registered for The Hive include the Maryland State Arts Council, Furniture Press, Baltimore Review, and the National Writers’ Union. Organizations interested in participating in The Hive should contact Janel Carpenter at

Christylez Bacon. Credit: Veronika Lukasova
Please click here for the full slate of LitArtlantic Schedule of Events.

To learn more about selected artists at LitArtlantic, please click on the live links above.

Our partners for LitArtlantic (in alphabetical order): American Independent Writers, Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County, Docs in Progress, Round House Theatre, Songwriters' Association of Washington.

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