Thursday, May 20, 2010

LitArtlantic Kicks Off Tonight with StoryStereo, 8:00 P.M.

LitArtlantic kicks off tonight with Story/Stereo at 8:00 P.M. at The Writer's Center. We're excited that it's finally here, and we hope to see many of you throughout the weekend. We've got plenty going on. If you click on the LitArtlantic page right here on this blog (above), you'll see the schedule of events. OR you can visit LitArtlantic's Facebook page right here for expanded information.

You can read some press coverage about LitArtlantic from the Gazette here, or from the Examiner here.

Story/Stereo: A Night of Literature & Music presents a reading by Emerging Writer Fellows William Archila (The Art of Exile) and Allison Amend (Stations West). Musical guest is local legend Don Zientara of Inner Ear Studios. As always, a special thanks to musical curators Chad Clark (Beauty Pill) and Matt Byars (The Caribbean) for selecting the musical guest.

William Archila was born in Santa Ana, El Salvador in 1968. At the age of twelve, he fled a civil war that tore his country apart and immigrated to the United States in 1980. He eventually became an English teacher and earned his MFA in poetry from the University of Oregon. His poems have appeared in Agni, Blue Mesa Review, Crab Orchard Review, The Georgia Review, The Los Angeles Review, Notre Dame Review, Poetry International, and Poetry Daily, among others. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife. His first book is The Art of Exile.

Allison Amend was born in Chicago on a day when the Cubs beat the Mets 2-0. She graduated from Stanford University and holds an MFA from the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Her IPPY Award-winning debut short story collection, Things That Pass for Love, was published in October 2008 by OV/Dzanc Books and a novel, Stations West, was published by Louisiana State University Press’s Yellow Shoe Fiction Series in March, 2010. Allison lives in New York.

Don Zientara, the groundbreaking local legend of the music scene, is the founder of Inner Ear Studios in Arlington and a musician in his own right. In the 1980s, he played with the band Under Heaven. Now he has two solo albums out, Sixteen Songs and Clocks and Watches. Learn more about Inner Ear Studios here:

And about Zientara's own music at Dischord's Web site:

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