Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Undiscovered Voices Fellowship: Call for Submissions.

I noted this call for submissions last week, but here I'm going to post the whole thing. This is a busy week at The Writer's Center. We're doing the final prep on our fall workshops and events, and fine-tuning our workshop brochure. If you'd like to learn more about the first recipient of the Undiscovered Voices Fellowship, click here.
The Writer’s Center seeks promising writers earning less than $25,000 annually to apply for our Undiscovered Voices Fellowship.  This fellowship program will provide complimentary writing workshops to the selected applicant for a period of one year, but not to exceed 8 workshops in that year.  We expect the selected fellow will use the year to make progress toward a completed manuscript of publishable work.  
The Writer’s Center believes writers of all backgrounds and experiences should have an opportunity to devote time and energy toward the perfection of their craft. 

The selected fellow will be able to attend writing workshops offered by The Writer’s Center free of charge.  In addition, the fellow will give a reading from his or her work at the close of the fellowship period (June 2011) and will be invited to speak with local high school students on the craft of writing.
To apply, candidates should submit 

a)       a cover letter signed by the candidate that contains the statement: “I understand and confirm I meet all eligibility requirements of the Undiscovered Voices Fellowship.”  The cover letter should include information on the impact this fellowship would have on the candidate.
b)      contact information for two references who can speak to the candidate’s creative work and promise
c)       a work sample in a single genre:
·         8 pages of poetry, no more than one poem per page
·         10 pages of fiction, double-spaced, no more than 1 work or excerpt
·         10 pages of nonfiction (essay, memoir, etc), double-spaced, no more than 1 work or excerpt

·         15 pages of a script or screenplay

These items should be sent in hard copy to The Writer’s Center, Attn: Undiscovered Voices Fellowship, 4508 Walsh St, Bethesda MD 20815.  The deadline is July 1, 2010.

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