Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Writer's Center's New Member Benefits Go Into Effect July 1st

I'd like to make this post about our new member benefits. These will go into effect at roughly the same time as the launch of our new Web site. Next week I'll write more about the Web site (I have to admit, I'm drooling at how cool it is. It's something I've dreamed about since arriving at The Writer's Center a little more than two years ago). Enough. Here's the bit about the benefits:

The Writer's Center is pleased to announce upcoming changes to its membership benefits. Over the years, we've heard many suggestions from members about the benefits you receive. We listened, and now we've created membership giving levels that vastly improve upon your benefits. Please note: The changes will go into effect July 1, 2010.

As you can see, as a member you will continue to get a membership price on workshops on the "Community" level. But we've now greatly increased the discount members receive on their bookstore purchases at this level, and, with our new Web site scheduled for release at the beginning of July, we'll be able to better distribute e-newsletters, e-coupons with special offers to members only, etc., giving you direct access to the workshops and events you want to attend.

At each level, you will see your benefits increase. Take, for example, the "Premium" level of membership. As a Premium member, you will receive a free e-mail address. Imagine sending an e-mail as to all your friends and writer colleagues? Well, as a Premium member you can do just that.

Or how about the "Contributing" member level? At this level, you'll have all the benefits of the first two levels PLUS free access to TWC's writing and meeting spaces and free books by our annual birthday guests. If you're looking for space to write in--maybe it's too noisy at home?--access to The Writer's Center's rooms will provide you with an office away from home.

With our new Web site on the way and these updated member benefits--not to mention our exciting new free events like tonight's Story/Stereo or LitArtlantic--it's an exciting time to be part of our community. We're moving forward, always looking for new ways to expand and improve the services we provide.

Gives $50 annually ($50 tax deductible)
· Access to member price on workshop
· 30% discount on bookstore purchases, including special orders
· New publications listed in “TWC Insider” section of The Carousel (when you notify us, once per title
· Weekly e-newsletter with coupons, special opportunities, and event reminder
· Reciprocal benefits with partner organizations including AIW, SAW, and CAG

Gives $100 annually ( $90 tax deductible)
· Above benefits, plus
· Recognition in three issues of Workshop & Events Guide
· Can sell books in the TWC bookstore on consignment
· Discounts on selected literary magazine subscriptions
· Discount on space rentals
· Free email address

Gives $250 annually ($225 tax deductible)
· Above benefits, plus
· Free access to Writer’s Center writing and meeting spaces (pending availability)
· Free book by our annual birthday reading guest

Gives $500 annually ($475 tax deductible)
· Above benefits, plus
· Two free gift Community Memberships to give to friends

Gives $1,000 annually ($925 tax deductible)
· Above benefits, plus
· 2 reserved seats at the annual Writer’s Center Birthday Reading Event
· Invitation for two to a private reception with a visiting author at The Writer’s Center

Gives $2,500 annually ($2,425 tax deductible)
· Above benefits, plus
· Listing on the donor wall at the entrance to The Writer’s Center

Gives $5,000 annually ($4,615 tax deductible)
· Above benefits, plus
· Free multi-session workshop for you or a friend

Gives at least $10,000 annually ($9,615 tax deductible)
· Above benefits, plus
· Opportunity to name an annual event or award


Giulia said...

This just made me decide I can't afford to renew - after an absence of two years - & I was a member very early on. So I can be a second (or third?) citizen of the WCtr? No thanks.

Kyle Semmel said...

Hi, Giulia

Thanks for your comment, but I'd like to make a clarification. In the new structure, a community membership equals the same amount of $50 per year you’d have paid in our old structure. And you will enjoy the same benefits. But one key change is that your membership will now be 100% tax deductible. Membership dues were not tax deductible earlier. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.