Saturday, January 29, 2011

Robert Caro and Stacy Schiff Headline 2011 Compleat Biographer Conference

James McGrath Morris, 505-983-4671

Washington, DC—Robert Caro will deliver the keynote address at the 2011 Compleat Biographer Conference on May 21 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Prior to his speech, he will be receive the 2011 BIO Award, given each year by members of Biographers International Organization (BIO) to a colleague who has made a major contribution to the advancement of the art and craft of real life depiction.

Biographer Stacy Schiff, author of the best-selling Cleopatra, will be featured in an interview during the end-of-the conference reception and book signing.

The Compleat Biographer Conference will bring together biographers from around the world for a daylong series of workshops focused on the practical aspects of biography ranging from research techniques to writing methods, from marketing to social networking.

The conference will be preceded by a series of research workshops, at such important institutions as the Library of Congress and the National Archives, and a glamorous reception at the home of one of the city’s leading biographers.

Founded in 2009, BIO is the first-ever non-profit organization set up to represent those engaged in the practical business of biography—the most popular area of non-fiction publishing and broadcasting today. BIO has a distinguished leadership of practicing biographers, many of them internationally renowned. The 2010 BIO Award was given to Jean Strouse. For further information on attending the BIO conference, go to:

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