Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Happy Writers

Joey Tuccio, a Facebook fan of ours, asked if he could share news of his company, The Happy Writers, with the TWC community. I said sure because I was curious. After all, "happy" and "writers" makes for an interesting conversation. I need to preface this post by stating that, while I'm, er, happy to post this information, it's not an official endorsement. Here's Joey:

After scouring the web for script consulting services, I was shocked to find that only a handful of these consultants actually live in Los Angeles. I'm sure the people living in Ohio are nice people, but how much do these people actually know? And furthermore, how connected are they? So I decided to start my own. I have covered scripts and books at such companies as Seed Productions (Hugh Jackman's production company), Smoke House (George Clooney's), Josephson Entertainment, Bold Films, Future Films and Gilbert Films.

My company, The Happy Writers, is composed of a very small, hand selected group of consultants that not only have impressive credentials, but a strong network of contacts that could potentially help you. We not only consult on your project, but we offer the opportunity to hand deliver good, commercial projects to our contact of agents, managers and/or production companies. Most consulting services offer basic coverage, which includes a page of synopsis plus a page of comments. But since you the writer already know the synopsis, you page hundreds of dollars for a page of comments, that usually don't offer any advice on HOW to make it better.

At The Happy Writers we offer 6-8 pages of notes on how to make your screenplay shine, plus you can email me as much as you want before or after your consultation. Our goal is not to take your money and run, but to be with you every step of the way so I can assist in making your dreams a reality. Check us out at www.thehappywriters.com. Happy Writing!

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