Thursday, September 8, 2011

ModoComm Publishing

Here's Jason Clark on his start-up.

ModoComm Publishing is calling for manuscript submissions for inclusion in
an anthology of regional literature focusing on the Washington, DC area.
Works that capture the personality of DC should be submitted; fiction,
non-fiction and poetry works are all acceptable. Guidelines and information
can be found at ModoComm
hopes to give exposure to authors and topics that might normally escape the
attention of larger, corporate publishing houses.

About ModoComm: ModoComm Publishing specializes in electronic publishing
for mobile devices, distributing author works in .epub and .pdf file formats
for use on devices like the Amazon Kindle or iPad, iPhone, etc. ModoComm
also offers production services through its related site

ModoComm distributes authors' works on its own website, as well as and iBooks store. Additionally, ModoComm submits author works
for review through appropriate media outlets. ModoComm tries to increase
profitability for authors by offering substantial royalties: 80% minus cost
of sale.

Important to note is that for the anthology project ModoComm provides much
of its production services gratis: ISBN acquisition, editorial /
copy-editing, media conversion and .epub formatting.

About the management: ModoComm Publishing is a publishing and distribution
platform effort by Jason Clark. Jason graduated with a degree in English
from Johns Hopkins University and holds an advanced degree in Education.
Jason has spent several years working in the academic publishing area in
production and distribution, and he also has substantial internet
application programming experience.

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