Thursday, November 3, 2011

Marketing at the Speed of the Web with Angela Render

It always amazes me how much I have to change my classes from quarter to quarter. Granted, much of the information I impart is “evergreen”—wisdom that remains valid through the ages—but then much of it can change on a moment’s notice.

For example, my last class on Social Networking for Writers, happened scarcely a week after a major change in Facebook. Not content with merely updating the screenshots, I used live images in the class instead. It was a case of the instructor being a half-step ahead of the student, as nobody in the marketing community had yet to see a clear path through all the changes, and the ramifications had yet to be even touched upon.

Nonetheless, evergreen wisdom should prevail no matter what technological changes rock the boat. When marketing anything to anyone, two things remain constant:
1) The consumer is a human being.
2) You want to sell them something.

In my upcoming classes on November 12th--Blogging Tips and Tricks and Advanced Marketing—I’m going to impart to you both the foundations of promoting yourself online as well as the latest tools available to you. More importantly, I’m going to teach you how to select the best tools to use for yourself.

We’re constantly bombarded with experts claiming that if you’re going to be successful, you’ve got to do X or you’ve got to do Y, as if jumping on the latest bandwagon was the key to success. There is no magic bullet to get where you want to be. There are thousands of paths to success and constantly chasing after the latest thing will do nothing other than exhaust you.

What I plan to teach is not only how to find your own path to success, but how to pace yourself so that you can win the marathon that is self-promotion. Be sure to bring your questions with you.

I hope to see you there.



“Confident, well-organized, substantive presentations—and patient to boot! She fielded every question and led to think about approaches to marketing we had never considered before.”

“This was a very helpful introduction to an overwhelming topic—it does not seem as daunting now, to establish a platform and presence, as it did before I took the class.”

“The information shared has inspired me to go home and take action!!”

Angela Render is the workshop leader for Blogging Tips and Tricks from 12-2 P.M. and Advanced Marketing from 3-5 P.M. on 11/12 at TWC. Sign up for her workshops here and here.


Angela Render designed and maintained Web sites since 1994 and is the founder and owner of Thunderpaw Internet Presence Management. Her published work includes: Forged By Lightning: A Novel of Hannibal and Scipio, Marketing for Writers: A Practical Workbook, a Writers' Journal column, and ghost blogging. In addition to her classes through The Writer's Center, she teaches at-risk middle-school girls and has been a guest speaker at numerous local conferences.

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