Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Publication News from Writer's Center Members!

It’s been a busy publishing season! Take a look below for a list of our members’ recent writing successes. From book deals to magazine publications online and in print, here’s a glimpse of the richness of our community’s literary activity.

Recent & Forthcoming Books

J.K Daniel’s poetry manuscript Wedding Pulls was selected by C.D. Wright for Hub City Press’s New Southern Voice Book Prize. It will be her first book, due out late next summer.

Ginny Fite’s first novel Cromwell's Folly was published by Black Opal Books this fall (September 2015). Her second book was also acquired by Black Opal Books, and she’s currently working on a third novel in The Writer's Center Novel Year class!

Larry Hodge’s tenth book, a sci-fi novel entitled Campaign 2100: Game of Scorpions, was accepted for publication by World Weaver Press (October 2015)—and is forthcoming in January. He will attend the Writing Staycation at the Center to start writing the sequel next week.

Charlotte A. Irion is in the process of having a book, Case Not Closed - Diary of a Court Reporter, which contains short essay-like reflections based on cases and happenings drawn from her ten years as a court reporter, published by Touchpoint Press

Linda Pastan’s poetry collection Insomnia has just been published by W.W. Norton & Company (October 2015). 

Recent & Forthcoming Publications in Journals and Anthologies

Jerri Bell’s flash story “Her Husband’s Stars” is forthcoming this winter from Consequence Magazine.

Doritt Carroll will publish two poems"my name" and "Katie"in the 40th Anniversary of Gargoyle.

Sarah Awan, Twins in Yellow Hats
Studio Art, Intima, 
Spring 2015

Andrea Hansell had two short memoir pieces published this fall"November 1969" in Skirt Quarterly and "Taming the Wild Tummy, or How I Dropped my Spanx in a Flower Bed" in If and Only If (Fall 2015).  She also had “The Dragonslayer” published this past spring in Intima, Columbia University's journal of narrative medicine, a memoir piece developed in Ellen Herbert's "Writing from Life" workshop.     

Bronwen B. Newcott published “Creed in the Santa Ana Winds,” “A Prayer for Home,” and “On Lazarus, Weeks before Her Death” in the current issue of Image.

Ann Quinn recently published her poems “All Soul’s Eve” and “Mother’s Day 2014,” which originated in her class with Nan Fry, in Anima (May 2015), “Ma” in Beechwood Review (Pushcart Prize nomination, Summer 2015), and “So Much” in Snapdragon: A Journal of Art & Healing (Fall 2015). Her poem “Early Morning Mind” will appear in a forthcoming issue of Haibun Today (December 2015).

Vanessa Mallory Kotz,
Sahar Siddiqui had "May 8, 2015," an ultra short personal narrative, published by Telling Our Stories Press in a collection called Reflections (August 2015).

Sally Zakariya published “Watermelon Pickle” in Silver Birch Press’s My Sweet Word series (October 2015), “Note to My Younger Self” in Heron Tree (September 2015), “Emily Dickinson’s Pencil” and “Maine Ghosts, 1952” in The Federal Poet (Fall 2015), and “In Such a House” in the Hartskill Review (Summer 2015). 

Recent Awards

Eileen Stephenson self-published a collection of historical fiction short stories entitled Tales of Byzantium: A Selection of Short Stories on CreateSpace (May 2015), which was recently awarded a medallion from B.R.A.G. (Book Readers Appreciation Group).

Congratulations, members! We’ll make periodic calls for your recent writing milestones, so be sure to keep us in mind when you receive publishing and award news. To learn more about membership with The Writer's Center, visit

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