Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why I Didn't Post During AWP

So here's what happened: Hilton Hotel charges for Internet connectivity. Since I paid a goodly sum to stay at the hotel already, I didn't (and don't) feel like ever paying additionally for something that seems so basic as connectivity. (Especially since the blog portion of my posting is free.)

That's why. I WILL, however, be posting a complete run-down on Tuesday. This promise will keep. My apologies to anyone who tuned in expecting live news!


Laura Ellen Scott said...

yes, this was our disappointment in putting the folks up at the Port Canaveral Hilton--thanks for reminding me to fill out that customer survey!

Looking forward to your AWP notes

Serena said...

A lot of hotels are charging for Internet connections, especially in rooms. When I was in Boston, I expected it for free since I paid a huge sum to stay on the Harbor...yeah right! Bleeding you dry wherever you look.