Monday, June 30, 2008

Kindle redux and a couple other things

Some good comments came through from the last post. I was going to try and batch them up and make some sort of intelligent post about them. But today has run away from me, and it's pushing 6p.m. I won't do that--but I will say that, to some degree, I agree with Art, who noted that the drop in price in iPods makes them nearly ubiquitous today. What will happen when the price of Kindle goes down? We shall see. Rob's addition to the dialogue is a must read. Check it out here:

Is Gooogal making us stoopider? U tell me!

Those of you who've been with me from the dawn of creation of this blog will have noticed some changes, including an image of my ugly mug. (Sorry abou that, everyone. I recommend you don't show it to your kids before bedtime!)Putting my photo on the blog seemed (still seems) like the right thing to do, though. The WC is a great place to be and work, but it cannot write. Many thanks to Gonzalo Fernandez-Coffey, who uploaded all this stuff while I was working on all the other things I had to do today.

It's been my goal all along to treat this blog as a kind of place where WC members, instructors, and friends can gather and communicate. Please feel absolutely free to subscribe to this blog--click on the little orange icon in the upper corner of the screen. You'll have some options to subscribe. You may have to open an account at, say, Google reader. But it's quick and painless and the benefits are many, should you subscribe.

IF you subscribe, I guarantee you'll get daily posts--most of which will be totally amazing nuggets of insight. Uh, yeah right. Tomorrow's post will feature an interesting excerpt from a forthcoming article in The Writer's Carousel. Instructor Ramola D will discuss her online workshop "Moms write Mothering, Fathers write Fathering," which will begin on July 2nd. If you'd like to see more about that course, check it out at

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abdul ali said...


Nice entry. I really think the Kindle and iPod questions are much more of a high stakes issue that we may be discussing. It's not so much whether it's a good idea. Rather, what will happen if you resist! The answer, I'm afraid, is that you'll become irrelevant, outside of time. It reminds me a lot of Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man. Time is a very important theme in the book. So, the Kindle and iPod are machinations of controlling the individual. Man versus Machine(s). Now, smoke on that;) See you at work....

Your charming officemate.