Monday, January 12, 2009

In Fashion: Robin Givhan

Is there a better writer on fashion than Robin Givhan? I confess: each time I see one of her articles in the Washington Post, I have to read it. (Those of you who know me, who know how unfashionable I am--in my jeans and T-shirts--will no doubt laugh at the prospect of my gushing over a "fashion" writer.)

But she's much more than a "fashion" writer (as if that's a bad thing anyway).

Her article in yesterday's post was characteristically brilliant. What I enjoy so much about her pieces is how she melds social commentary and contemporary fashion (often fashion takes a backseat).

Anyone interested in learning how to write about today's culture must read Robin Givhan. Enough said.

(Speaking of today's culture, here's an aside unrelated to The Writer's Center. Today's the day the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame announces its newest members. Rickey Henderson is a deserved lock, but the bigger questions are: Will Jim Rice make it? (I hope so.) Dale Murphy? A great player, yes indeedy. And will Mark McGwire get the call this time? A longer post on McGwire might be necessary at some point, given all the ballast he's carrying around after the whole steroids thing.)

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