Friday, February 27, 2009

Martin Moran, Edward Ugel, and Jack Greer

Okay, so as you can imagine things have been busy around here of late. After a couple successful events last--a packed theater at Paige Wheeler and an overflow crowd at McLaughlin/Chalfant on Monday--we've got three more events this weekend. It's ulcer-causing!

Tonight we have another "From the workshops" reading featuring members who've recently taken workshops at the Center. They include Roberta Balstad, Patricia Boies, Ellen Prentiss Campbell. Dominique Cahn, and Karen Sandler. Come on out and support them. Free event.

Then on Sunday at 2:00 P.M., Edward Ugel (Money for Nothing) joins Jack Greer (Abraham's Bay and Other Stories)

From Greer's Web site: "The characters in Jack Greer's Abraham's Bay & Other Stories have set sail for islands in the Atlantic and Caribbean — some are restless, some curious, others are unhappy, while others are in love with roaming. Inevitable, these small boat sailors haul their personal histories along, their hubris, their failures, their frustrations."

As for Ugel's book, here's the really interesting premise of Money for Nothing from Ugel's Web site:

"Not too long ago, Ed Ugel stalked lottery winners for a living. He would offer these lucky individuals a limited amount of cash up-front in exchange for their jackpot annuities, which spread payments over decades. According to Ugel, many of the winners would accept his offer because, despite their winnings, they were desperately broke. In his new memoir, Money For Nothing: One Man’s Journey Through the Dark Side of Lottery Millions, Ugel tells the true story of how sudden wealth overwhelms and ultimately destroys some of the luckiest people in the world. Speaking recently with Worth features editor Douglas McWhirter, the author talked about the psychology of sudden wealth and the intoxicating schadenfreude of watching lottery winners fall." Free event.

Then on Monday evening at 7:30, The Writer's Center is very pleased to present recent Helen Hayes nominee Martin Moran, who'll perform/read from his book and one-man show, The Tricky Part: One Boy's Story of Sexual Trespass, One Man's Journey to Forgiveness.

Moran has performed this play all over the world, from Buffalo to Warsaw, Poland, and we're soooo happy to be able to present him here at a low, low cost of admission: $10 for WC members; $15 for nonmembers. Click here to register:

From the dust jacket:

"Raised in a loving Catholic family in Denver, Martin Moran was a star student who imagined that he'd one day become a U.S. Senator. When he was twelve years old, a camp counselor seduced him, initiating a sexual relationship that would last three years--and haunt Moran's life for decades.

He discovered a passion for acting and built a career that would take him to broadway, but only when Moran finally tracked down and confronted his abuser thirty years later could he finally forgive hiimself for someone else's trespass.

Funny and tender about growing up Catholic and gay, The Tricky Part never oversimplifies either the abuse or the vexing work of recovering from it."

Moran will read from this book AND do part of his one-man show. It's not everyday you can see THIS kind of event at The Writer's Center. A gifted author AND a major broadway actor. Take a look at his Rosie O'Donnell Show performance on Youtube.

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