Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The Writer's Center has formed a partnership with myNeighborsNetwork. TWC members can get free memberships to this unique service (please read below to find out just what you can get). If you're interested in getting your free membership, use the code below. Once you register, we'll just check to make sure your TWC membership is up to date. The following was written by MyNeighborsNetwork founder Sharon Rainey:

It can be tiresome always having to find someone to ask about who they recommend for painting or HVAC help. And it can be even more difficult to find out which dentist or ob-gyn a trusted friend goes to. In a pinch, like a few weeks ago, just finding a snow removal company was a challenge for many!

myNeighborsNetwork offers you more than 10,000 referrals from your neighbors (with their names attached) for the above professions and much, much more; everything from acupuncturists, pediatricians, and yoga instructors.

myNeighborsNetwork also offers community announcements and the latest police and fire information. Our members have notified the network with bank robberies, electrical outages, and road closures.

And one of our favorite sections of the site is the Lost & Found Animals, ranging from the classic cats and dogs, but also including horses, parrots.

We are also fortunate to have participated in the successful find of two missing children.

We have been in the D.C. Metro area since 2003, growing through grass roots referrals of super-satisfied members. Our renewal rate is 85%.

myNeighborsNetwork operates in Montgomery, Fairfax, and Loudoun Counties. Sign up today for a free year’s membership to the communities you want to be involved in. There is no catch; you may cancel at any time. Simply enter WC12 in the Gift Code when you sign up. You will be asked for a credit card number (yes, we are a secure site), but the card is NOT charged.

Questions? Feel free to call 703-759-2102. We are happy to help. Take advantage of this wonderful FREE offer and see what YOUR neighbors are talking about! http://www.myneighborsnetwork.com/.

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