Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Poet Lore Continues Rich Tradition, Launches Spring/Summer Issue

Come to The Writer’s Center on Sunday, April 17 (2:00 P.M) as we launch Poet Lore’s Spring/Summer issue with a free reading, featuring three poets—Melanie Figg, Janice Lynch Schuster, and R. Dwayne Betts—published in the issue. Poet Lore has been published by The Writer's Center since 1981.

One of the biggest issues in the long history of the journal, it includes work by Virginia Bell, Inez Rivera, James McKean, Fred Yannantuono, and Gary Fincke. The issue also features veteran poet Sandra Gilbert introducing emerging poet Diana O’Hehir, book reviews, and the transcript of Grace Cavalieri’s radio interview with Lucille Clifton—Clifton’s final interview before passing away in 2010.

“It’s [a] sense of community,” editors Jody Bolz and E. Ethelbert Miller write in the introduction, “among individuals that we hope to create with each new issue of Poet Lore—a community defined not by sameness but by enriching differences. In the [issue], 76 poets offer insight into our own cultural moment—which, like all cultural moments, is both promising and ominous.”

What Poets Have to Say About POET LORE:

“POET LORE published my first poem in its 100th volume, and ironically what I remember most about that issue are the book reviews. It is a rare gift to find a journal that publishes excellent work and insightful reviews, but this is only to be expected from a journal that has proven itself ahead of the literary curve again and again.”—Dwayne Betts

“POET LORE was the first magazine to ever publish my work way back when I was a college basketball player in South Carolina.”—Terrance Hayes (nominated for a National Book Award this year)

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