Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stealing Time To Write: The Writing Staycation

By Zahara Heckscher

After the back to school craziness passes and before the holiday insanity starts, there's a short lull in mid October. It's a perfect time to steal a week for your writing.

I've designed the Writing Staycation with people like you in mind -- folks who crave time to dedicate to their writing but just cannot get out of town for a week or afford the hefty fees for out of town writing retreats.

The Writing Staycation is five days of intensive writing, enough time for you to get a significant start on a new project, move forward with a current work, or polish a piece of writing before you send it off to the agent.

The Writing Staycation includes inspiring guest speakers, one-on-one sessions, and most of all, time to write. I’ll also pamper you with free coffee, specialty teas, and healthy snacks. I structure each day with a short warm up activity, a guest speaker for lunch, and an afternoon walk. All events are optional; those who want to simply write can write all day.

So tell the boss you're taking your vacation October 17-22. Tell the spouse and kids you'll still be home for dinner. Tell yourself that you deserve this time.

The past two Staycations have been exhilarating. I hope you can join us this time.


The Writer's Center Staycation allowed me the time and space to focus on my writing without the expense or time away from my family that most writers' retreats would demand.  Zahara brought in an impressive array of lunchtime speakers and the Writer's Center staff was very supportive in providing undisturbed space. I came away feeling refreshed and re-committed to my own process, and surprised at how much could be accomplished in one week. Thank you Staycation!  I'll be back!
-Johnna Schmidt
Director, Jimenez-Porter Writers' House

“It helped me finish the first draft of my novel. Thank you. I found the time and space to just focus on my writing very liberating.”

“The Staycation fills a need for a reasonably priced retreat option, especially for those of us who cannot leave town.”

"This was a fantastic experience. Zahara obviously thought a lot about how to structure the time in ways that would be inspiring as well as foster productivity."

"The Staycation made me feel like a real writer."

"It helped me rediscover my muse."

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